To support the discovery of novel diagnostics and therapeutics for the human microbiome by bringing biotechnology innovations to market in a fiscally responsible and socially conscious way.

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We are human, just like you.

We are conscious of our own humanity and approach what we do with empathy and care. We are mindful that our work has an impact on complex, whole individuals and we will always make decisions with this important awareness.


We are explorers.

We follow our natural inclination to venture into uncharted territories, knowing that eureka moments are often found in the strangest places and when least expected.


We are transforming the world one microbe at a time.

Up to 90 percent of all diseases can be traced in some way to the gut and the microbiome, a powerful gateway to individual healing. Our focus is to unlock the potential of the microbiome to improve global health.


We are ethical and socially conscious.

We unfailingly conduct our research and business with integrity. We conduct ourselves as stewards of our planet and responsible members of our global community.


We are financially responsible.

We strive to ensure accessibility to our products and services for all those who could benefit from them. We also maintain rigorous fiscal responsibility to effectively support ongoing research and innovation.

We win by doing good.

We are an optimistic bunch. We passionately believe this world can keep becoming a better place for everyone to live in. We aim to advance human well-being not only with thoughtful business practices, but also with direct philanthropy efforts that marshal our strengths and resources to help others thrive.


Gemelli means “twins” or, in this case, a twin purpose. We work to bring scientific discoveries to market, while we strive to achieve a global family of healthy individuals. Philanthropy is part of our DNA, and we are proud to support important global health initiatives and philanthropic efforts associated with the microbiome.