Matt Mitcho

Founder, CEO

I strongly believe that great work and great brands are born when culture, sound strategy and timely execution meet.

Aniruddh Pandit


I’m always grateful for opportunities to break down barriers and help people understand each other.

Fab Wilfong

Vice President of Market Access

I believe in win-win scenarios between patients and the Managed Care Industry.

Barbra Dillon

Director of Marketing Operations

My life’s aspiration has been to provide individuals with the opportunity to share their stories.

Jim Dodson

Director of Customer Service

Through all of life’s ups and downs, I’ve learned that listening and being there is one of the great things that you can do for someone.

Kat Magness

Director of Business Development

I appreciate and understand the important role I play in connecting clinicians and patients with novel diagnostic technology that can lead to more informed treatment options and improved patient outcomes.

Being an effective industry consultant to my physician partners means introducing them to innovative technology that broadens patient care options and streamlines business practices.

Tony Steffes

Director of Business Development

I believe in a consultative approach to help build the bridge between clinicians and the new technologies that impact the quality of patient's lives.

Corey Fournet

Director of Business Development

Tina Mirka

Business Development Manager

One of my primary motivators is the ability to help others. 

Paige Betts

Brand Marketing Manager

I'm excited to apply my diverse experiences to advancing the mission of building a global family of healthy individuals. 

JJ Englert

Digital Marketing Manager

I learned early in life that my greatest joy was to deliver positive experiences to as many people as possible...